About Us

Welcome to Wander Smartly!

Our mission is to make your travels smarter with our travel guides, tips and itineraries. The success of each travel experience is rooted in planning. Right from selecting the places to visit to packing a suitcase, the culmination of decisions determines the beauty of a holiday. We understand how daunting the task of planning a trip can be, and we want you to leverage our first-hand experience of exploring the globe. With our tried and tested guidelines, you can sit back and focus on building memories as you see the world.

What do we specialize in?

Wander Smartly focuses on smart travels for people who travel for a limited number of weeks in a year, who hold regular jobs back home. With time as a crunched resource, we focus on efficient itineraries that help our readers make the most of their time seeking a break. This is why all our itineraries are less than 2 weeks, but cover all the places worth visiting in a country. Our strategies are smart about spending both time and money, neither extremely frugal nor extravagant, but focus on ensuring a great travel experience. Our readers include solo travelers as well as those who travel in groups of family or friends.

Who are we?

Shreya Kejriwal is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief at Wander Smartly. She has visited over 25 countries in the world while maintaining a regular career and life back home.

Her passion of traveling the world and seeking new experiences led her to share her stories and experiences which others can draw from.

Shreya is an avid writer and a published author. She has high attention to detail and a drive to help others around her.

Why should you read Wander Smartly?

There are many travel blogs out there written by people who have quit their jobs to travel the world for a living. We specialize in travels for people who hold regular jobs and lives back home and want to make the most of their vacation days.

Our content is meant for you if you resonate with the following statements:

  1. You want the make the most of your travel experience in your limited time available to see the world.
  2. You want value for your money and are not necessarily frugal or extravagant in your travel spends.
  3. You don’t have the time to create itineraries or spend hours on travel research.
  4. You wish to explore the best destinations in the world and not the most commercialized ones.
  5. You don’t believe in compromising on your travel experiences.

Head over to see our hand-picked destinations and detailed itineraries that you can use or reach out to us if you have any questions!

We look forward to helping you travel smarter, one destination at a time!